April 27 news: Recently, MediaTek and Ericsson have successfully completed the 5g NR dual connection test, effectively combining the wide coverage of sub-6ghz band and the high-speed characteristics of millimeter wave (mmwave), using a variety of spectrum resources to provide higher network speed and lower delay. This move will be conducive to the promotion of 5g SA independent networking.
This is the first dual connection test of millimeter wave in 5g SA experimental network combined with sub-6ghz band. By aggregating 800MHz high frequency band bandwidth and 60MHz intermediate frequency band bandwidth, and using the test equipment equipped with Lianfa technology m805g modem, the maximum downlink rate of 5.1gbps is achieved. The test is based on Ericsson’s wireless network system hardware, 5g core network and IP call center system architecture.
5g NR dual connection is an important technology introduced by 3GPP release-16. It provides multi standard and multi band support for terminal equipment and wireless access network, and effectively improves spectrum efficiency and load balance. It is the key technology of 5g SA independent networking. 5g NR dual connection can not only optimize 5g network environment, but also further reduce delay, improve throughput and network reliability.
Previously, Lianfa technology and Ericsson have successfully completed sub-6ghz FDD / TDD 5g carrier aggregation interoperability test based on Tianji 5g mobile chip, and established 5g SA carrier aggregation data call. Based on the M80 5g modem of Lianfa technology, the 5g NR dual connection function is successfully enabled in this test.