As is known to all, PCB industry is directly related to plastics and chemical industry. A little carelessness will cause fire pollution and other disasters, threatening public safety. Faced with the promotion of environmental protection and safety awareness in the global electronic industry chain, the domestic PCB industry should be more vigilant. BBS on August 29, PCB enterprises work safety, safety in production in guangdong province association will be invited to chao-yang Chen, deputy director of the worship of technology SuYanHua manager, TTM He Jinbo manager, xin xing electronic Huang Lincheng manager, and people from shenzhen rc, shenzhen city public security institute of technology leadership, huawei PCB enterprises in the supply chain, share the PCB enterprise fire protection sleeve, together to maintain the industrial safety. The importance of this issue is becoming the core competitiveness of sustainable business. Because 5G brings new driving energy, the PCB industry will face changes from the fields of customer structure, new materials and new manufacturing process technology. The demand price of 5G base station PCB rises rapidly, 5G mobile phone tablet computer tends to be thin and light, automobile develops electronic intelligence, electronic manufacturing automation, cloud computing and other new applications are expected to bring incremental space for PCB. How to seize the opportunity improve landing 5 g PCB industry influence, in the CS SHOW 2019 “electronic circuit industry trends seminar” on the first day of 5 g BBS, the organizers will invite industry analysts hong-qiang Yang, industry institute IEK Dong Zhongming, zte Li Jingke, senior analyst: CNC ZhaiXueTao nest tech RongQingAn, born in guangdong, senior market application development engineer beneficial technology Ma Jiefei, Dr Peng ding holding Zhang Qiyuan higher-ups to visit the exhibition, to explore development prospect in the age of 5 g PCB, help the audience enlightenment wisdom, share the frontier. , and on the priest’s, macro li, run, jump, strong FuChang hair, circuit, and canca, rf circuit in aino letter, kei, strength the exhibitors will also send a strong lineup, applicable automotive electronic products, wire, communications equipment and systems, LED lighting, mobile phone, smart home and wearable products, service robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), household appliances, and many other fields, unique niche in the industry, will provide the audience with more purchasing options.

Trend: it has become the new normal of PCB industry to seize intelligent manufacturing tuyway and win by quality

Intelligent manufacturing is a new technological revolution for PCB. No matter it is to improve its own manufacturing process or to lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the downstream electronic manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is always an industrial opportunity that the PCB industry must face up to. Moreover, this reform includes the improvement and upgrading of the entire process process, as well as the simultaneous upgrading of hardware and software, so as to achieve more flexible and efficient production process.

In PCB manufacturing field, some excellent domestic manufacturers began to seek some process automation and even the whole factory automation, with its science and technology, laser laser, whether ted laser represented more than 40 circuit board process innovation, equipment and materials enterprise, intelligent, automation application trend, to cater to the electronic industry will be in the exhibition show several new materials development and application of the low energy efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, power PCB industry from the source to improve efficiency, optimization of process.

In addition, environmental protection equipment and materials exhibition business wei lvda technology, zhongjian south environment; Exhibitors of smart terminal manufacturer and software service provider fangudi and other brands will SHOW their industry advantages in CS SHOW 2019 circuit board exhibition. In CS SHOW 2019, these exhibitors are expected to provide more purchasing options for the audience with powerful functions, high-end quality, energy conservation and environmental protection technology solutions.

Communication: catch up with technology trend, security focus summit to keep up with industry trend

With years of deep research in PCB industry, CS SHOW PCB exhibition not only fills the gap of professional PCB exhibition in China, but also takes the lead in industry interpretation and trend leading. As’s PCB industry is looking forward to the annual event, CS SHOW 2019 PCB exhibition will be held high standards of “electronic circuit industry development trend series seminar”, by the wisdom of uninterrupted feast for three days, from the micro management to macro technology communication, attention to PCB industry technology, the trend of hot in-depth interpretation, work safety and construction.
Platform: the supply and demand channels of local PCB exhibitors are convenient and smooth

Shenzhen will build a pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, which will usher in a grand new era for the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area and lead the country in global manufacturing and technological innovation. Relying on the gathering advantages of tens of thousands of high-tech enterprises represented by technology giants such as huawei, tencent, zte and dji in shenzhen, it takes the lead in building urban big data center and operation management center, and comprehensively promotes the construction of smart city in shenzhen by utilizing advanced cloud computing, big data, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies.

In 2019, with the implementation and development of smart shenzhen plan, new market opportunities will burst forth in the electronics manufacturing industry along with the expansion of pilot demonstration zones. The upcoming CS SHOW 2019 circuit board exhibition will focus on 5G theme. Many local PCB manufacturers will directly participate in the CS SHOW, helping electronic manufacturing enterprises to reduce the intermediate links of trade in both directions, which will lead to new opportunities in shenzhen and make shenzhen a preferred one-stop exhibition procurement platform.

At the same time, with the acceleration of the update and iteration of electronic consumer goods, and the improvement of the integration and intelligence of PCB boards, the frequency and varieties of PCB used in the electronic manufacturing industry are becoming more and more customized, which provides a new opportunity for PCB manufacturing. Among the local exhibitors of CS SHOW 2019 circuit board exhibition, many PCB suppliers with small batch, multiple varieties and fast delivery time will come to the exhibition, and they will share the stage with many high-volume PCB manufacturers with high cost performance, so as to provide more choices of supply capacity for the audience.

In short, no matter it is the cutting-edge technology hot spot in the electronic manufacturing market, or the rich typical application cases in various fields, such as the latest 5G communication, automobile electronics, mobile phone HDI, PCB computer, consumer electronics, etc., all the cutting-edge technology applications of PCB will be presented at the exhibition. At that time, CS SHOW 2019 circuit board exhibition will also provide diversified business matching services for exhibitors and visitors, bringing efficient connection between the parties and facilitating the transaction to the greatest extent.

Exhibitors: PCB brand strength to grab the c-position of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain full coverage

As the supporting body and connecting carrier of electronic components, PCB industry occupies the connecting position of electronic manufacturing industry, and directly affects the development trend of downstream electronic industry. With the transfer of global electronic information industry from developed countries to China, China has become the largest production base of electronic products in the world, and the PCB industry is also rising rapidly. Once, it overtook Japan with 23% of the global market share, and its industrial advantages are very obvious, making it the largest PCB country in the world. Shenzhen is the most concentrated area of PCB in China, with the most complete varieties and the most competitive price.

In this CS SHOW circuit board exhibition, 39 influential supplier giants in the PCB industry in China have entered the exhibition strongly. Their exhibition covers all PCB categories including hard board, flexible board, metal base and special base, including the upstream and downstream areas of the PCB industry. Of JingWang electronics, worship of technology, xing sen fast circuit, wins the macro science and technology, the kang science and technology, plant five science and technology, sensitive electronic, Ming Yang road, deep coupling circuit PCB manufacturing higher-ups will gather in the exhibition, and they carry a multilayer circuit boards, flexible circuit board, metal matrix circuit boards in areas such as new product exhibition, exhibition data computing and storage, can be widely used in automotive electronics, communication and network, industrial control, consumer and intelligent terminal and energy fields, and to cover more 5 g under the blessing of emerging electronic manufacturing field.
The commercial implementation of 5G communication technology not only increases the speed of data transmission exponentially, but also promotes the application of Internet of things, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, Internet of vehicles and interactive multimedia, forming a new era of “Internet of everything”. PCB as the “mother of electronic products”, the profound transformation of the downstream market directly affects the development track of the entire upstream PCB industry. Now the arrival of 5G communication is expected to be the first engine driving the growth of PCB industry.

In order to fully demonstrate the brand new ecology of PCB industry driven by 5G, “the sixth shenzhen international PCB purchasing exhibition” (CS SHOW 2019), a trade platform exhibition of rare majors with PCB boards as the exhibition content, will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center on August 28, solstice and 30. The new technology, new material scheme and new breakthrough of PCB industry based on 5G background will be fully reflected in the exhibition. During the same period of the sixth exhibition, it is expected that more than 60,000 electronic manufacturing professionals will deeply appreciate the innovation strength accumulated by PCB industry in the past year with the help of professional platform, and realize the in-depth interaction and communication between the supply and demand parties of the industry.