In the production process of the production line, sometimes anti error sensors are added to prevent employees from accidentally operating and causing abnormal problems such as machine collision. Therefore, it is necessary to add sensors, whose signals need to be transmitted and controlled by output components. If there is PLC control, adding IO ports and reprogramming are sufficient. If it is necessary to add sensors to a simple device without a PLC, it is not cost-effective to add an additional PLC. If it is a wealthy person, it is a different matter. Here is a good method to introduce the use of delay circuit boards. The key is that this delay circuit board is cheap, costing only a dozen or so yuan on a certain Duoduo, and has all the functions, making it very useful, as shown in the following figure:

From the above figure, it can be seen that after the sensor signal is connected, when there is a change in the sensor signal, the corresponding output normally closed and normally open signals will be converted, so that the output execution component can be controlled.

The output is also completed through relays, which can achieve circuit isolation and control strong current through weak current. This delay circuit board is powerful and has multiple modes to choose from, such as: it can sense signals and delay stopping; Or, after sensing the signal, stop and delay the disconnection. The specific mode functions are summarized as follows:

With the delay circuit board above, it becomes very convenient to add a sensor. The LED module can display the mode and time, which looks quite intuitive. It is very convenient to make minor modifications to the production line equipment, such as controlling the movement of cylinders or motors.

For example, when the operator accidentally misplaced the workpiece, the sensor detects that the input signal is transmitted to the delay circuit board, and the output normally closed contact is disconnected. The normally closed contact is connected in series with the start button. At this time, after the operator presses the start button, the machine will not run; Only when the operator repositions the workpiece to the designated position, the sensor signal changes, and the output normally closed contact of the delay circuit board resets and closes, can the machine start normally. This delay circuit board is easy to control, and the cost is also not high. It is indeed of good quality and affordable!