28KHZ/40KHZ ultrasonic transducer driving circuit board A high-performance ultrasonic transducer driving circuit design. At present, the driving circuit of this ultrasonic transducer consists of integrated circuits and discrete components. The transmission frequency of the driving circuit is mostly 28khz-40 kHz. This circuit is mainly used for high precision requirements.
The driving circuit of the driving circuit board of 28KHZ/40KHZ ultrasonic transducer is designed to generate a regular electric pulse with a certain power, a certain pulse width and a certain frequency to excite the ultrasonic cleaning transducer. The driving circuit of this design is different from the existing circuit in that its frequency is higher, which can meet the strict requirements of high-precision and high-sensitivity using ultrasonic.
The driving circuit board of 28KHZ/40KHZ ultrasonic transducer is used for cleaning hardware parts, metal accurate parts, electroplated parts, electronic parts, electroplated parts, vacuum plated decorations, locks, motor parts, bearings, die-casting parts, stamping parts, etc.