Interconnection of antennas and RF chips
At present, domestic and foreign chip manufacturers have launched mass-produced 24GHz RF chips into the market. In the zero intermediate frequency radar architecture, the pins of the RF chips are directly connected to the microstrip transceiver antenna ports. When using a hybrid form of antenna board (high-frequency board)+several layers of FR4+RF board (high-frequency board), the interconnection between the antenna and RF chip is achieved through metallized vias. In the 24GHz frequency band, the discontinuity introduced by metallized vias with a length greater than 1mm will be very obvious. The solution is to add several symmetrical metallized grounding vias around the metallized vias to form a coaxial transmission structure. When the antenna and the RF chip are on the same side of the PCB, the RF chip and the transceiver antenna are directly connected through the microstrip line or Coplanar waveguide. This design can minimize transmission line insertion loss.