Solution to the anti-interference design of the radio frequency circuit printed circuit board

With the development of communication technology, wireless technology is used more and more widely. The performance index of the radio frequency circuit directly affects the quality of the entire product. The anti-interference design of the radio frequency circuit () reduces…
Reflow path analysis during PCB design: high-speed signal reflow path
Generally, the problem of discontinuity in the return path is often due to lack of ground vias, gaps in the ground layer, lack of decoupling capacitors, or the use of wrong Net…
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Manufacture and inspection of printed circuit boards
The production process of printed circuit boards is divided into: base map film plate making, graphics transfer, etching, printed circuit board mechanical processing and quality inspection, etc.
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Some DFM issues affecting PCB design
In PCB design, what we call DFM mainly includes: component selection, PCB physical parameter selection and PCB design details.