With the continuous development of electronic technology and the rapid progress of welding technology, the structure of copper spot welding machine has not only been well improved, but also its performance has been well improved. These breakthroughs in related products have gradually led to the emergence of spot welding power supply in the market, with a variety of models available, a variety of prices to consider and a variety of uses to refer to. When users consider how to choose the right copper spot welder, they also need to know the precautions of this type of copper spot welder from the manufacturer. So, in view of this problem, huandian Xiaobian will introduce what should be paid attention to when using spot welding power.
1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the electrode
When users purchase copper spot welding machines from spot welding power suppliers, the suppliers will introduce the functional features of various types of copper spot welding machines to users, and also include the precautions for use, which is a point that users should pay special attention to. When using the copper spot welder, the operator should carefully check whether the surface of the power electrode is clean. If a large amount of oxide is attached to the surface of the electrode, the operator should use fine sandpaper to wipe the electrode of the copper spot welder, so that the machine can work normally.
2. Pay attention to the selection of solid components
Users generally choose which copper spot welding machine manufacturer according to the good or bad reputation of the spot welding power manufacturer. According to the introduction of the copper spot welding machine manufacturer, users should select solid components for welding in the welding process, so as to prevent the copper spot welding machine from falling when it is impacted.
In a word, in order to keep the copper spot welding machine in a stable state in the working process and not easy to fall under impact, users should not only pay attention to the cleanliness of the electrode, but also pay attention to the selection of solid components to participate in the welding process, which also helps to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. In addition, users should also pay attention to how to choose copper spot welding machine, including which technology is good, which products are good, which brand is good, and which company is good