Gold and oxygen halftime transistor is not always the first choice of analog circuit board fast proofing circuit design engineers, because analog circuit design focuses on performance parameters. Such as transistor transconductance or current drive, BJT can better meet the needs of analog circuits. However, with the continuous improvement of gold-oxygen half-effect transistor technology, CMOS technology has been able to meet the performance requirements of many analog circuit boards. Moreover, the gold-oxygen half-effect transistor does not have some of the fatal defects (such as thermal damage) of the BJT because of its structure.
Furthermore, the voltage-controlled resistance characteristics of gold-oxygen halftime transistor in linear region can be used to replace the traditional polysilicon resistance in IC. The CMOS capacitor itself can be used to replace the commonly used polysilicon – insulator – polysilicon capacitor, and can exhibit inductance characteristics under proper circuit control, which are all advantages that BJT does not have. That is to say, in addition to acting as a transistor, the gold-oxygen half-effect transistor can also be used as a passive component in the rapid proofing circuit of analog circuit boards.

This advantage makes the gold and oxygen half-effect transistor not only meet the performance requirements, but also effectively reduce the chip area and reduce the production cost when realizing the analog circuit. With advances in semiconductor manufacturing, the need to integrate more functions into a single chip has increased dramatically, and another advantage of using gold-oxygen half-effect transistors to design analog circuits has emerged. In order to reduce the number of integrated circuits used in the fast proofing PCB board, reduce the packaging cost and reduce the volume of the system, many independent analog and digital chips are integrated in the same chip.

Gold-oxygen half-effect transistor has a great competitive advantage in the digital integrated circuit. After the use of gold-oxygen half-effect transistor in the analog integrated circuit, the difficulty of integrating these two kinds of circuit boards with different functions into the fast proofing circuit also decreases significantly. In addition, some mixed-signal circuits, such as analog to digital converters, can also be used to design better performance products using gold-oxygen half-effect transistor technology.