The disassembled waste printed circuit board is mainly composed of reinforced resin board and copper wire attached to it, with complex connection mode, high hardness and strong toughness. It is difficult to use a single crushing equipment for energy consumption, and there is no good balance between crushing efficiency and crushing effect. Therefore, two-stage crushing is adopted in circuit board recycling equipment. Through analyzing the material characteristics after two-stage crushing, it lays a foundation for the application of high-voltage electrostatic equipment and specific gravity sorting equipment.

At present, the resource utilization of waste printed circuit board (WPCBs) is mainly concentrated in the metal part, and there are relatively few researches on the resource utilization and safe disposal of the metal material part, which accounts for about 60% of the whole but is difficult to deal with and has relatively low economic benefits. However, metal materials in WPCBs have high recycling value and can be completely recycled as renewable resources. How to deal with the existing problems of secondary pollution and low recycling rate and to find efficient, simple and green recycling methods have become the urgent task of metal material recycling. Among the recycling methods of metal materials, the green jie environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment mechanical dry recycling method has great development advantages due to its advantages of simple processing technology, low cost and relatively high utilization rate of resources.

Broken is the essential process of mechanical processing electronic waste circuit board processing, in order to avoid because of the heat from the waste circuit board in the process of crushing the plastic oxidation and produce poisonous gas, low temperature crushing technology are applied in waste circuit board is broken, including physical and chemical methods and semi-automatic and manual processing, but the above process more focused on a single broken.

For the application of two stage crushing and primary crushing, green jie environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment manufacturer is found by experiments, two kinds of material of metal dissociation degree of difference is very big, after the primary crushing material contains more impurities and hard particle separation very hard clean, the two broken material is easier to handle, metal separation easier, higher purity. After crushing the circuit board powder through dust removal, high voltage electrostatic separation, gravity separation, can achieve the metal 99.8% separation purity, non-metal 99.5% separation purity.