Circuit board quality guarantee
Party A: Nanning Hongchen Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Party B: (hereinafter referred to as Party A and Party B)
1. Scope
In order to ensure Party B provides Party A with high-quality products and services, meets Party A’s quality requirements and avoids loss due to product quality or service problems, both parties reach an agreement on the quality requirements of Party B’s supply, and this agreement is signed through friendly negotiation between both parties.
This agreement is applicable to all products supplied by Party B to Party A.
This Agreement shall come into effect from the date of signature and seal of the legal representative or entrusted agent of both parties (Party B is the leader in charge of quality or sales, and Party A is the quality supervisor or higher level leader), and each party shall hold one copy, with the same effect and applicable to the signing of the procurement contract.
Party B shall strictly carry out effective contract review in accordance with the specific requirements of this Agreement and the purchase contract. If there is any quality doubt or ambiguity, please contact the corresponding interface personnel of Party A in time for written confirmation, and Party A shall not accept any oral agreement.
If there is any difference between Party A and Party B in the implementation of this agreement, both parties are willing to accept the arbitration of Dongguan People’s court.
2. Reference standards
If the two parties change the following standards, they shall inform the other party in a timely manner in the form of controlled documents.
Note: the standard category is national standard, industry standard, international standard, Party A enterprise standard, Party B enterprise standard
3. Definition
3.1 product ‘consistency: it refers to the consistency between batch products in terms of appearance, performance and reliability of the samples or small batches based on the consistency of raw materials, processes and production equipment. In particular, the consistency of products shall be ensured in terms of the indexes that cannot be measured quantifiablely.
3.2 delivery batch: one delivery batch is calculated for each code, contract number and delivery.
3.3 batch non conformity: if the quality of a code and contract number delivery batch of products does not meet any provisions of this Agreement and belongs to Party B’s responsibility, it shall be deemed as unqualified batch.
4. Product performance, reliability and quality requirements
4.1 Party B promises that the performance and reliability quality of the products provided meet (multiple choices are allowed):
Requirements for machining drawings and data of Hongchen
Relevant laws and regulations.

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