The advent of the 5G era has put forward higher requirements for the R&D, production and management capabilities of the majority of circuit board companies. Companies must provide more cost-effective products to the market at a faster speed. It is also very important to improve the efficiency of product management traceability. Part of it. Marking characters, patterns, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes and other information on the circuit board for traceability can realize automated and intelligent management requirements, and meet the needs of lean production, quality control, and process improvement has become the development trend of the industry.

The two-dimensional code is marked on the circuit board, and the visual inspection system for reading the two-dimensional code came into being. Today, let’s talk about the two-dimensional code reading of the circuit board for visual inspection applications.

1. Project requirements:

Use the manual scanner to check the QR code of the circuit board, collect the product information of the QR code, and upload it to the customer system;

Automatically collect single-row or double-row circuit board QR codes on a 700mm wide conveyor line, upload them to the customer system, and collect unsuccessful alarm processing.

Testing product: circuit board

Detection content: QR code

implementation plan

Installation station

work process

①. Install three industrial cameras on the circuit board assembly line, the installation position is directly above the circuit board, to ensure that the two-dimensional code is collected when the single-row or double-row circuit board comes over (as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2);

② After the industrial camera receives the signal from the sensor, it will take a picture of the QR code and compare the information of the QR code;

③ After the wireless scanning gun collects the QR code, the information is processed by the controller via Bluetooth transmission;

④. When a missing or unreadable data of a QR code is detected, the system will give an audible and visual alarm and send out a rejection signal, and the system will retain the NG record; when there are 3 consecutive missing or unreadable data of a QR code, the system Sound and light alarm and a shutdown signal;

⑤ The QR code information collected by the wireless scanner and industrial camera needs to be uploaded to the customer’s back-end system.

⑥ After the system shuts down, manual intervention is required to reset before it can work again.