An automatic test system for assembling circuit boards is also an on-line static test equipment for circuit boards, also known as ICT/ATE/ATS/MDA test in the industry!

ICT(In-circuit Test System), commonly known In Chinese as online Circuit Test instrument (here refers to the assembly Circuit Test instrument), is mainly used for the assembly Circuit board (PCBA) Test. “Online” is a literal translation of “in-circuit”, mainly referring to electronic components that are on (or on) the Circuit. Online testing is a testing technology that keeps the circuit open without removing the pins of components. “Online” reflects that ICT focuses on detecting assembly problems of circuit boards by testing components on the online circuit or in the state of open and short circuit.

In-Circuit Test System

Excellent performance, safety and stability, ultra-high speed ICT online tester

Maximum detection of short/open circuit, wrong parts, missing parts, void welding, reverse assembly and other electronic substrate assembly defects.

Windows XP operating system, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.

Using electronic switch + mechanical switch, long life, super fast test speed, the board to be tested the highest safety;

Or REED RELAY is adopted with strong voltage resistance and good isolation effect.

The computer automatically learns to generate test data of on/short circuit and IC protected diode.

The Board View function can instantly display the location of defective parts and needle points for convenient maintenance.

Complete test statistics and reports are generated and stored automatically.

The system has self – checking function, which is helpful to find fault quickly.

With IC Open TestJet test function, it can detect the problem of chip IC foot empty welding.

IC Loading problems should be detected more accurately by using IC Horizons and simulated reverse measurement.

Capacitance leakage current polarity testing and three – point polarity testing

With 1MHz signal source, small capacitance and small inductance can be measured accurately.

The three-point test mode can measure triode, FET, SCR and other components, and the four-point test mode can measure the Photo Coupler, which can actually detect the backloading and empty welding problems of the above parts.

The major ICT test equipment manufacturers in the world mainly include Agilent (USA), Tyrida (USA), WINCHY (Taiwan), JET(Jetty), Tr(Delta), SRC Star and so on. Different brands of ICT are tested on the same or similar principles. Around 1980s, Japan simplified and miniaturized similar American products and changed them to pneumatic press type, which represented TESCON and OKANO from Japan. ICT was easy to use and low cost, making it an indispensable and necessary testing equipment for electronics factories, and it was promoted and popularized rapidly. Taiwan in the 80 s by the west the headache of electronic computer fake source gradually become an important base of electronic contract manufacturing, in the late 1980 s, early 90 s, Taiwan began to exactly copy TESCON tester, and launching numerous brands of ICT press type, their prices are lower, forcing has global market share of Japanese TESCON fades out, and for Taiwan’s electronics industry development and greatly increased market share. Since the 1970s, similar static testers have been developed in China. In 1993, local Chinese brands took the lead in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong and developed the first Windows version OF ICT in Asia. To this day, Tyreda and Agilent are still the leading brands, becoming the DE facto standard for such technology!