X-ray can effectively detect the defects of PCB board such as solder, adhesion and copper foil falling off.

Nikon technology in response to the needs of the majority of customers launched a large capacity high resolution high magnification of the new X-ray detection system. The excellent detection effect is applicable to BGA, CSP, flip chip detection, semiconductor, packaging components, electronic connector module detection, printed circuit board welding spot detection, ceramic products, aviation components, solar panel battery industry and other special industries detection. For large circuit board and large panel (can be placed in the same module) can be CNC programming and automatic detection accuracy and repeatability high.

Choose the circuit board inspection method, the use of X-ray, the enterprise has twice the result with half the effort! In the production of electronic enterprises, often appear some problems of circuit boards, there are some defects can not be judged by the naked eye. One of the common defects of PCB is virtual welding, the other is adhesion, and the third is copper foil falling off.
The causes of virtual welding are as follows:

1. Poor solderability of circuit board holes will lead to virtual welding defects, which will affect the parameters of components in the circuit and lead to unstable conduction of multilayer board components and inner line, resulting in failure of the entire circuit function.

2. The circuit board and components warp in the welding process, resulting in virtual welding, short circuit and other defects due to stress deformation. Warping is often caused by temperature imbalance in the upper and lower parts of the circuit board.

3. In addition, the design of PCB will also affect the welding quality of PCB.

Cause of adhesion: the temperature of the soldering iron can not be too high, too high will burn the soldering iron tip without eating tin, but also easy to make the copper foil fall off. The reason of copper foil fall off: the soldering iron eats the tin not too much at a time, many will make two solder joint adhesion.

To solve these problems, the testing equipment on the market needs to be able to detect these defects completely. X-rays are a good choice. The reason is that X-rays have a penetrating effect. Due to its short wavelength and high energy, X-rays are only partly absorbed by matter when they shine on it, and most of them pass through the atomic gap, showing a strong penetrating ability. The ability of X rays to penetrate matter is related to the energy of X ray photons. The shorter the wavelength of X ray, the greater the energy of the photon and the stronger the penetrating power. The penetration of X-rays is also related to the density of a substance, which can be distinguished by the property of differential absorption.