Regarding the circuit board, I believe many friends are no strangers, and even some people will need to further process and manufacture the circuit board for a long time because of work. So what knowledge should we know about the circuit board? There are many types, and there is also a lot of professional knowledge. It takes a lot of space and time to thoroughly explain the relevant knowledge of the circuit board. In order to help everyone understand the relevant knowledge of the circuit board efficiently, the editor believes that the The classification and technical status are beginning to be explained. I believe it will be a good beginning for everyone to know and understand the circuit board.
One: About the classification of circuit boards

Generally, we can classify circuit boards by their number of layers. This is also the most common classification method. We can layer circuit boards into single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer circuit boards. Among them, the cost of single panel is relatively low, because the manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the double panel is based on the single panel technology extension, and the multilayer board is worth three or more circuit boards, which can achieve High-speed transmission of electronic information, and have greatly improved in terms of function, capacity and volume.
Two: the current status of circuit board technology

In fact, compared with foreign circuit board related technology, the domestic start is still relatively late, and because of resource constraints, there were many negative factors in the development at one time, and even once there was a certain defect in the domestic corresponding detection system that made the circuit board The development of technology is limited, and because the detection methods are not advanced enough, the pass rate of domestic multilayer boards is not high.

The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about the circuit board. I believe that everyone can understand the circuit board more deeply after understanding the classification and technical status of the circuit board. Hope to help everyone.