The fundamental effects of circuit board chip inductors: filtering, oscillation, delay, notch, etc.

Image saying of circuit board chip inductor: “through DC, blocking communication”

Passing DC to circuit board chip inductor: The so-called passing DC means that in a DC circuit, the effect of the inductor is equivalent to a wire, and it has no effect.

Circuit board chip inductor resistance communication: In the communication circuit, the inductance will have impedance, that is, XL, the current of the entire circuit will become smaller, which will have a certain blocking effect on communication.

Refined description: In the electronic circuit, the effect of the inductive coil on the limited current is communicated, and it can form a high-pass or low-pass filter, a phase shift circuit and a resonance circuit with a resistor or capacitor …

The effect of the chip inductor of the circuit board is to prevent the change of current, but this effect is different from the effect of resistance to prevent the current from flowing.

The effect of resistance to preventing the flow of current is symbolized by the consumption of electricity, while the change of the resistance to the current is simply not to allow the current to change. When the current is added, the inductance prevents the current from being added, and when the current is reduced, the inductance prevents the current from decreasing. Inductance prevents electric current from changing without consuming electricity. When electric current is added, it temporarily stores the energy of electricity in the form of a magnetic field. When the current decreases, it also releases the energy of the magnetic field. As a result, the current is blocked. change.