At the same time, China’s server usage is increasing year by year, accounting for about 27.2% of the world’s in the first quarter of 2021. The main reason is still the promotion of domestic policies and the cooperation of domestic Internet companies. In addition to the deployment of super large data centers and the adoption of server products from domestic manufacturers by most telecom operators, Inspur and Huawei’s server delivery performance in the first quarter is supported.
On Huawei’s part, with the steady Telecom standard case and the blessing of Chinese enterprise customers, the overall shipment momentum is not affected by the material limitation of Sino US trade friction, and it is estimated that the annual growth rate of annual shipment will still be 5%; Since the second quarter, with the government’s bidding, the quarterly increase will also increase by nearly 10%. In terms of Inspur, in 2021, it still benefited from the promotion of government policies and the increase of orders from the data center, and the overall shipment accounted for about 30% of the total server usage in China. Among them, most of Inspur’s server OEM products are mainly from first-line Internet manufacturers such as Baidu, byte beat, Alibaba and Tencent; This year, the CSP Jingdong, the Kwai Fu and the US group are on the rise. The expected volume of orders will continue continuously in the first half of the year.