In the electronic market, various kinds of circuit boards are covered with various shapes and colors of electronic components, safety capacitor is one of the most important members, safety Y capacitor and safety X2 capacitor, respectively blue wafer and yellow box.

Safety Y capacitor is flame retardant epoxy resin, safety X2 capacitor is polypropylene or polyester material, itself good performance. There are many reasons for safety gauge capacitor failure.

One: safety capacitor quality is not good;

Two: there are other problems on the circuit board, too much harmonic, too much current leads to the capacitor heating failure;

Iii. Unstable load (final load);

Four: the power supply itself output instability (for the bridge, is also the load);

V. smaller filter capacitance;

Vi. Unstable ac input,

Safety capacitor is only the function of charging and releasing point on the circuit board, and its main function in the circuit is filtering, blocking the pass-through intersection, storing and boosting the voltage. Safety capacitor failure will only stop the circuit from working, or reduce the working efficiency, or not working properly, and will not damage other components.

In order to reduce safety capacitor failure, choose safety capacitor, must find a regular safety capacitor manufacturers. Such as production equipment; R & d strength to ensure the quality of safety capacitor. The product model is complete, the parameter data is complete, the manufacturer also can reasonable assistance.