With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic products are developing towards portability, miniaturization and high performance. The quality of packaging will directly affect the cost and performance of electronic products. Using plasma cleaning technology to remove pollutants on the material surface and improve surface activity has become an indispensable process in packaging. Due to the limitations of packaging technology, batch plasma cleaning equipment is gradually replaced by online mode. Aiming at an on-line plasma cleaning equipment, its wiring performance is studied and designed, and an effective solution to improve the cleaning effect and production capacity is put forward.
With the continuous development of microelectronics technology, the frequency of processor chip is higher and higher, the function is stronger and stronger, the number of pins is more and more, the characteristic size of chip is smaller and smaller, and the package size is also changing. The quality of chip packaging directly affects the performance of the chip and the design and manufacturing of PCB connected with it. It has become as important as chip design and manufacturing. Therefore, the market has higher and higher requirements for IC packaging and testing industry.
How to effectively remove these pollutants has always been an important problem that people face and must solve. Plasma cleaning provides an environmental protection and effective solution. Online plasma cleaning equipment and process technology have more superior characteristics and become an indispensable key equipment and process in the process of high automatic packaging.
Plasma cleaning principle: it is a high-precision cleaning method of dry cleaning. Its principle is to excite process gases such as oxygen, argon and hydrogen into high activity or high activity by using the high-voltage electric field generated by RF source in vacuum. Plasma can treat the workpiece surface through chemical reaction or physical action, so as to remove dirt at the molecular level (generally 3 ~ 30nm thick) and improve surface activity. Various pollutants shall be treated. Use different cleaning methods to achieve the best cleaning effect.
Main structure and process flow of plasma cleaning equipment.
1. Basic structure.
The plasma cleaning machine is mainly aimed at the integrated circuit packaging process. The lead frame in the material box is automatically pulled out and plasma cleaned to remove the pollution on the material surface and automatically discharge the material after improving the surface activity. There is no intervention in the whole process.
technological process.
1. Place the material box equipped with lead frame on the take-off table, and the pushing mechanism pushes the first layer of material sheet out to the loading and unloading conveying system. The upper and lower conveying system transmits the material sheets to the high platform of the material exchange platform through pressure pulley and belt conveyor, and is positioned by the conveying system. The vacuum chamber is closed and pumped to connect the materials below the plasma reaction chamber, and the vacuum chamber is closed and pumped to the plasma cleaning through the lifting system. When the high platform is transferred to the cleaning position, the lower machine is transferred to the receiving position for the second treatment.
Layered connection. After the cleaning height is completed, it is exchanged with the lower stage, the lower stage is plasma cleaned, and the material is returned from the upper stage to the receiving position.
2. The material sheet on the material exchange platform is transferred from the feeding system to the upper and lower material conveying system, and the materials are transmitted back to the material box through the pressure wheel and belt to complete the primary process. The pressing mechanism presses down a layer of material for the next process.
3. The main line matching of plasma cleaning equipment is studied. With the development of electronic products in the direction of miniaturization and high energy, the requirements for the packaging of integrated circuit chips are becoming higher and higher, which can no longer meet the production needs. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new plasma cleaning equipment, the development of the true cavity of on-line plasma cleaning machine and the effective prevention of injury and card in material transportation, The whole line matching of on-line plasma cleaning device is realized, which meets the requirements of integrated power supply. For the requirements of mass production IC packaging process, the reliability of packaging is greatly improved.
The cost of plasma cleaning equipment and process promotion in IC manufacturing process accounts for 40% of the packaging. Therefore, IC packaging has long become an independent packaging and testing industry in the world.
In recent years, with the increasing application of on-line plasma cleaning equipment and process in the field of IC packaging, and its good process performance promotes the rapid development of microelectronic industry technology. It has become the key production equipment in the field of IC packaging in the 21st century. Improving the reliability and yield of products is an indispensable link in production. With the demand of modern high technology, online plasma cleaning technology will continue to improve the technical level and application scope, and promote it to LED packaging and LCD industry. Looking forward to the future, the development prospect of plasma cleaning technology is infinite and beautiful.