The purpose of the detection of the printed circuit board: to detect whether there is a PCB on the conveyor belt. Application: Because the reflectivity of the PCB board is very different, it is very unreliable to detect with a direct-reflection sensor. The VS1 focusing sensor has high gain and can reliably detect each circuit board without being affected by the reflectivity. This is mainly due to the combined design of optical and mechanical focusing, while eliminating the influence of background. Sensor: VS1AN5CV10
Printed circuit board stacking height detection & glue testing Purpose: to confirm whether the adhesive is correctly applied to the bonding part of the IC chip and to monitor the stacking height of the PCB board. Application: D10 sensor with optical fiber, install the optical fiber detection head on the glue Near the location to confirm whether the glue is applied to the correct location. The through-beam VS2 sensor is used to detect whether the glued PCB board has been stacked to a predetermined height. Sensor: VS2KRN5V & D10DNFP Fiber: PBCT26U & L4C6 lens
Capacitor polarity detection purpose: to detect whether the capacitor is placed in the correct direction. Application: Since the capacitor is polarized, it is necessary to check whether the placement direction is correct when it is inserted on the PCB. The PBRS1X326U rectangular grating can detect the polarity mark on the side of the capacitor. For D11E series sensors, an output signal will be generated when the polarity mark is not detected. Sensor: D11EN6FP Fiber: PBRS1X326U
PCB positioning hole detection Purpose: To detect the presence of the PCB positioning hole. Application: Before detecting a fully inserted PCB board, the PCB board needs to be precisely positioned at a certain place. Positioning holes or other positioning marks are generally used for positioning. The MINI-BEAM expert plastic optical fiber sensor uses coaxial optical fiber and lens together, and the light spot is only 0.25mm at a detection distance of 6mm, which can detect very small holes. Sensor: SME312FP Fiber: PBCT26U & L4C6 lens