Automatic soldering machine for PCB circuit board

Automatic solder robot is a solder welding equipment, so in addition to the manipulator movement function, its main or to complete the solder job. So the core part of the soldering robot is the welding system. The solder system mainly consists of automatic tin feeding mechanism, temperature control, heating element and soldering iron head. The arm can be adjusted to any welding position it wants, and the tin line will be automatically, fixed speed and quantitative extended to the soldering iron; Adopt digital temperature setting at a glance, light and flexible, does not occupy space, temperature, tin feeding speed, tin point size adjustable.

Automatic soldering machine

Product advantages:

1, stable and uniform solder joint, ensure the quality of the solder; Good tin breaking effect, accurate tin feeding, with automatic cleaning soldering tip function, a certain degree of stability in the solder processing quality and prolong the tip service life.

2. It can effectively save the labor cost and avoid many defective products when using the manual soldering machine, resulting in the waste of materials; Thus reflects the automation degree of the equipment and the realization of intelligence, controllability of high advantage.

3, ceramic heating core, strong thermal conductivity, rapid temperature return speed, greatly reduce the heat loss in the soldering process; The heating system developed by ourselves has the advantages of rapid temperature return and not easy cooling, fast movement and accurate positioning.

4, circuit board automatic soldering machine PCB circuit board high precision soldering machine tin tube can be up and down, left and right arbitrary adjustment, flexible and convenient, soldering iron head accurate positioning, and can be accurately aligned with the tin wire; The soldering tip is diversified to meet various soldering conditions.

Automatic soldering machine

Product performance:

1. Screen printing of the screen printing parts of the temperature control table is in the correct position and content, and the color of the shell baking paint parts is even, and the primary color of the shell oxidizing parts is oxidized; Repeat precision of R axis is rotated 280 ° 50 times continuously and the error is within 1 °.

2, tin feeding wire diameter of 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 diameter tin wire conveying 500mm non-stuck tin tin broken phenomenon, spot welding function is spot welding, delay spot welding, stagnant spot welding and drag welding function of straight drag, piecewise drag, high and low speed drag, cleaning function of normal blowing, the size of air volume can be adjusted.

3, temperature rise speed of 300℃ within 10 seconds to reach the setting, temperature spot welding and drag welding, rotating solder program; Continuous operation of the machine without lost steps, no collider, no crash phenomenon, solder parameters can be read and saved along with the solder joint coordinate program, to achieve the flexibility of solder operation.

4. Real-time control of peripheral equipment by soldering robot; Intelligent control system, the implementation of the wrong alarm, high-speed motion anti-vibration functions, intelligent master control procedures, to achieve automation and intelligent solder process.

5, has the spot welding/pull welding function, each instruction has the independent preheating tin length, preheating time, welding time, tin back time, lifting height and other solder parameters, accurately grasp the temperature of the soldering iron, easy to operate, easy to grasp the precise control of the amount of tin.

Product features:

1. The TM tip of the soldering machine is installed with rapid temperature recovery, and the high-precision thermocouple is located at the front of the soldering iron *, which can reach 300 degrees within six seconds. The tip of the card design can be replaced quickly and is convenient and easy.

2. The automatic soldering machine is made of high quality imported accessories and finished parts, with excellent anti-wear performance, easy installation, high welding accuracy, effective delay of machine life, short welding time, no need of any flux, gas, solder.

3. Strong adaptability, making the fully automatic soldering machine an essential equipment of the LED automatic packaging production line, which can be captured through the adjustable digital time, pressure, power, temperature, arc and high precision CCD video; To ensure that each solder joint and arc is * ideal welding effect.

4. PCB automatic soldering machine PCB circuit board high precision soldering machine has spot welding, drag welding, arc welding, oblique welding, shaking welding and other functions, through the microcomputer control manipulator, can do spot welding, drag welding, welding round, welding straight line, welding irregular shape, automatic cleaning and other manual difficult to do the process.

5. Precise stepping motor drive and advanced motion control algorithm are adopted to effectively improve motion positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy; With the functions of position correction, copy, array and automatic positioning, the machine is simple and quick to operate.

Product features:

1- program single correction, overall correction function, can realize the workpiece overall translation correction or partial point correction, one-step automatic positioning function, convenient program production; Temperature control adopts high precision intuitive intelligent control instrument, programmable *** curve control, accurate temperature control, simple parameter setting.

2- automatic soldering machine for circuit board PCB high-precision soldering machine can directly input welding joint coordinates, realize online/offline programming, and reproduce welding joint position coordinates by teaching; It has flexible and various soldering methods, and supports spot welding, pull welding and pull welding at the same time.

3- intelligent control system, implement error alarm, high-speed movement and other functions such as anti-vibration, intelligent master control program, realize automation and intelligence of soldering process; Using single chip microprocessor design, more powerful function, smaller volume, strong anti-interference ability.

4- ceramic high temperature heating plate, after insulation treatment, long life, temperature control using PID control precision; Tin furnace tank adopts industrial pure titanium TA2, temperature detection adopts k-type thermocouple, single step and trial step functions are convenient for machine adjustment test.