Like any other project you do, designing a printed circuit board requires a lot of trial and error to find the perfect PCB. As a student, it’s important to try out some designs and see which one works best for the project you’re working on. Fortunately, with free PCB Artist software provided by Advanced Circuits, you can lay Circuits and components in front of you before placing an order. In addition, the program will help you by identifying any manufacturability issues so that your order is not put on hold at all. When designing a PCB, you can remember some tips to help you succeed. First, place the components that require a specific location first. Next, try to evenly distribute the components vertically and horizontally, avoiding placing them at angles beyond 0 or 90 degrees. This will help keep the PCB clean and the components easy to access and assemble. You should also consult your assembler specialist to ensure that the surface treatment you choose is compatible with their process.