The application of circuit boards is very wide, from office equipment: such as calculators, digital cameras, radios; to household equipment: air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos; to industrial equipment: GPS, automobiles, instrumentation, medical equipment… you can say circuits The board is in every corner around us.

The identification of the components on the circuit board is one of the pain points of many circuit manufacturers, because the components on the circuit board are densely packed and countless. A circuit board has: triode, thyristor, field effect tube, double diode, triode, integrated circuit, etc. There is also a difference in components, which will end the entire circuit board as scrap, so the importance of testing components is self-evident. Industrial inspections often use x-ray inspection equipment for our packages.

How is x-ray used in electronic identification of circuit boards?

The x-ray emitted by the core component of the X-ray detector can penetrate substances that are not transparent to ordinary visible light. Visible light has a long wavelength, and the energy of photons is very small. When it hits the detected object, part of it is reflected, most of it is absorbed by the substance and cannot penetrate the object; but X-rays are not because of its short wavelength and energy Large, when it shines on a substance, only a small part is absorbed by the substance, and most of it penetrates through the interatomic gap, which has a strong penetrating ability. Due to the different densities of the inspected objects, images with different shades of color will appear on the bottom plate when the x-ray is transmitted.

Therefore, the X-ray machine can quickly identify problems on the circuit board, counterfeit components, pores and other defects. Help companies better identify and detect defective products. On-line testing equipment cooperates with the factory production line, on-line testing and on-line rejection, which not only improves production efficiency, but also improves the yield rate.

Excellent x-ray inspection equipment naturally has a multiplier effect on enterprises. UFJ AX8200 is a new X-RAY inspection system with large capacity, high resolution and high magnification launched in response to the needs of our customers at the end of 2010. The excellent inspection effect is suitable for the inspection of BGA, CSP, flip chip inspection, semiconductor and packaged components on large circuit boards.