In daily life, our common circuit boards include ceramic circuit boards, alumina ceramic circuit boards, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB boards and so on. The progress of electronic life means the progress of the circuit board industry. When the circuit board passes through the production line, the company will inspect the performance and appearance of the circuit board. Because the parts of the circuit board are very small, it is difficult to identify with the naked eye, so it needs the help of x-ray inspection equipment.
X-ray inspection equipment uses the principle of imaging objects to identify defects on the circuit board. In order to realize online detection and identification of defective products, through the automatic rejection function, high-quality circuit boards on the production line are retained.

X-ray inspection is only one link from the production of the circuit board to the market. There are many other parts that need to be tested. Behind every qualified circuit board is the result of the cooperation of various industries.

Among the x-ray testing equipment, the common domestic x-ray and cost-effective ones are the AX8200 and AX7900 of UFJ Technology. This equipment has obvious advantages such as high precision and automatic detection accuracy. It is a new X-RAY detection system with large capacity, high resolution and high magnification launched by UFJ Technology in response to the needs of our customers.