What are the products that need PCB’s in our life?

The first is electronic products requiring integrated circuits:

In order to save space, make the products lighter, more durable, and achieve good performance, these electronic products must eliminate the previous wire connection and switch to printed circuit boards. PCB meets the requirements of space, performance and reliability.

Not every electrical appliance needs a circuit board, simple electrical appliances can do without a circuit such as an electric motor. But appliances that have specific functions typically require circuit boards to be implemented such as televisions, radios, computers, and many, many more. The rice cooker also has a PCB on the bottom and a governor in the fan.
What other kinds of products can use PCB board?

Hard circuit board PCB generally refers to, mainly used in: computer motherboard mouse board, video card, office equipment, printers, photocopiers, remote controller, all kinds of chargers, calculator, digital camera, radio, TV motherboard, cable amplifier, cell phone, washing machine, electronic scale, phone, LED lamps and lanterns, etc., and used in home appliances include: air conditioners, refrigerators, audio, MP3, Used in industrial equipment :GPS, cars, instrumentation, medical instruments, aircraft, military weapons, missiles, satellites, and so on.

Mobile phone motherboard, press the key board, is the hard board; Slide-out or clamshell phones are connected to the line is the soft plate. The remote control usually USES a carbon film plate. Mobile phone board from the top down are respectively rf circuit, power circuit, audio circuit, logic circuit.

Generally just heating the kettle no circuit board, wire bracket directly connected. Water dispensers have circuit boards. Electric rice cookers generally have circuit boards, and induction cookers also have circuit boards. The circuit board of the electric fan, generally plays the function of speed regulation, timing, display and so on, and the operation of the electric fan has no practical effect.

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