5G is about to be commercialized. In some cities, the three major operators have started to lay out 5G on a large scale. In 12 pilot cities like Beijing and zhengzhou, 5G can be fully covered in urban areas as soon as the second half of this year.

To achieve 5G technology, the use of circuit boards is indispensable. In the electronic industry, the flexible circuit board can be said to be the blood transfusion pipeline of electronic products. Especially in the trend of electronic devices being thin and light, miniaturized, wearable and foldable, the flexible circuit board has the advantages of high wiring density, lightness, flexibility and three-dimensional assembly, and the market development trend of moderate high matching and growing demand.

According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the scale of flexible electronics industry will reach 46.94 billion us dollars in 2018 and 301 billion us dollars in 2028. The compound annual growth rate from 2011 to 2028 is nearly 30%, and the industry is in a long-term high growth trend. With the rapid development of the industry, the processing technology of flexible circuit board is also being innovated.

For processing, the common traditional processing methods are die, v-cut, milling cutter, stamping, etc., but this belongs to the mechanical contact plate process, there is stress, easy to produce burrs, dust, precision is not high enough, so gradually replaced by the laser cutting process.

As a non-contact machining tool, laser can apply high intensity light energy (650mW/mm2) at a very small focus (100 ~ 500 m), so high energy can be used for laser cutting, drilling, marking, welding, marking and other processing of materials.

Advantages of laser cutting flexible circuit board:

As the line density and pitch of FPC products continue to improve, coupled with the FPC graphics contour is becoming more and more complex, which makes it more and more difficult to make FPC mold, laser cutting flexible circuit board using CNC machining form, no mold processing, saving the cost of mold;

Due to the shortcomings of machining itself, restricting the processing accuracy, laser cutting flexible circuit board using high-performance ultraviolet laser light source, good beam quality, cutting effect is better;

Because the traditional processing technology is a contact machining method, will inevitably produce processing stress on FPC, may cause physical damage, laser cutting flexible circuit board is non-contact processing, effectively avoid processing material damage, deformation.

Bond laser equipment is widely used in flexible circuit board cutting and plays an important role in automatic fine cutting of flexible circuit board. Compared to traditional mechanical blanking, laser processing requires no consumable materials, and the edge treatment is more perfect, the speed of up to 3cm/s, equivalent to the blink of an eye, the device completed the length of an adult pinkie.

Precision laser cutting machine

With the development of flexible electronics technology, various electronic products emerge at the historic moment. The application of flexible electronics will drive a trillion-yuan market, help traditional industries to enhance industrial added value, and bring revolutionary changes to industrial structure and human life.