With the rapid development of circuit board manufacturing technology, the integration of electronic components is getting higher and higher, and the circuit is becoming more and more complex. After a fault occurs, it takes a lot of time and energy to use the traditional contact diagnosis, so the non-contact fault detection method is becoming more and more important.
The infrared thermal imager uses the optical imaging lens and infrared detector to receive the infrared radiation energy of the measured target, and converts the infrared radiation energy into standard video signal, and displays the infrared thermal image through the display screen. This kind of thermal image corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object, and is the thermal image distribution map of the infrared radiation of each part of the object to be measured. Infrared thermal imager can accurately identify and analyze the heating fault area. Therefore, the characteristics of non-contact accurate temperature measurement and real-time display of temperature distribution of infrared thermal imager make it the best tool for circuit board nondestructive testing.
Common circuit board faults are generally divided into short circuit, open circuit or poor contact. When the circuit board is short circuited, the current of the circuit board is higher than that of the normal situation, and the temperature of the circuit element rises; In case of open circuit or poor contact, the current passing through the element is almost zero, and the temperature is lower than normal, and the infrared thermal image is obviously abnormal. Therefore, it is very easy to judge the fault point of the circuit board according to the above principle.
Gewuyouxin has developed a circuit board detection type infrared thermal imager for circuit board detection in the electronic industry. This thermal imager can be applied to the temperature analysis of circuit components and the temperature distribution analysis of the whole circuit field.
The circuit board detection infrared thermal imager has the following characteristics:
1) The imported UNCOOLED FPA detector has a resolution of 640 × 480、384 × 288、160 × 120, a variety of options, with the company’s unique image processing algorithm, clear imaging, high temperature sensitivity;
2) The supporting system software has powerful functions. It can directly and real-time see the temperature distribution curve of the tested object, and can save the image and video stream with temperature.
3) It can track the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature, and can measure the temperature by point, line, rectangle and ellipse, and can set the threshold alarm.