The sampling harness is divided into several stages

1) At the beginning of the battery module, the measuring point of the pole column was extended to the connector through the wire, and then the connector was connected with LECU. The sampling wire harness is long, the connection points are many, and the overcurrent fuse mechanism has not been designed.
A significant problem here is that if the connector aspect is not carefully considered, the wiring harness short-circuit can cause several different failure modes

A) Short circuit between different voltages

B) Short circuit inside ASIC chip

C) Connector condensation and influent

2) The sampling line is replaced by a circuit board

3)FPC circuit board: one can connect sampling points with different process materials; the other can design line fuses and leave space for temperature sensor NTC.

In general, the adoption of FPC can reduce the process complexity of Module integration, reduce weight and save cost. Therefore, more mainstream schemes are adopted after FPC technology.

Yazaki has also been added to the electrified vehicles in Japan

In other areas, the FPC is used a bit more, and traditional copper connections have changed

The instrument system
Summary: Regarding the material of FPC, cable width calculation, and the design of fuse protection current, we can convert and test the optimization according to the previous PCB design specification. The direction is in this direction. Hardware and process engineers are constantly working with new materials and design aspects to optimize existing designs