With the development of science and technology, the requirements for the measurement accuracy of various components are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the requirements for the image measuring instrument, an accuracy measuring instrument, are becoming more and more stringent. The image measuring instrument is the product of the perfect combination of traditional optical projection and computer. Compared with traditional measurement technology, this is a technological leap. One touch image measuring instrument is a new term in the field of industrial detection and measurement technology. It represents the advanced measurement technology of integrating digital technology into industrial detection and measurement and spatial geometric operation.
What advantageous technologies are used in the image measuring instrument?
Image measuring instrument is an artificial intelligence modern optical non-contact measuring instrument developed on the basis of digitization. It inherits the excellent motion accuracy and motion control performance of digital instruments and integrates the design spirit of machine vision software. It is a cutting-edge optical dimension measuring equipment.
1. Batch measurement of CNC scanning is realized:
The image measuring instrument has the function of CNC scanning mass measurement. It can set the step, step number, line width and line number through the operation interface to realize mass scanning measurement. It can also use the combination of CNC positioning automatic measurement and CNC scanning batch measurement function to realize CNC composite measurement. Thus, the image measuring instrument has the performance characteristics of full-automatic optical detector (AOI), the detection efficiency is improved by a hundred times, and the operator is easy and safe.
2. Automatic learning batch measurement is realized:
The image measuring instrument has the automatic learning function based on machine vision and process control. Relying on the high-speed and micron level positioning of digital instruments, it can self-study and memorize the operation process of measurement process, focusing, point selection, function switching, manual correction, light matching and so on. For batch measurement, the instrument can easily learn all the practical operation processes of the operator, realize artificial intelligence by combining its automatic focusing and fuzzy operation of area search, target locking, edge extraction and point matching, and can automatically correct the offset caused by workpiece difference and travel difference to realize point selection, with high precision and repeatability.
3. Eagle eye zoom back is realized
The image measuring instrument has a graphic window in which the measurement / mapping results are displayed graphically. The surveying / mapping graphics have stepless zoom capability, and can be fully / partially scaled; Measurement and annotation operations similar to CAD software can be carried out in the window.
4. Automatic focusing aided height measurement is realized
The image measuring instrument has an image definition software algorithm based on machine vision, and has a fast auto focusing function under micron servo control mode (Technology). The auxiliary height measurement can be realized through the automatic focusing operation of different levels (the height measurement can also be realized by installing the measuring contact of CMM).
Image measuring instrument, also known as video detector, or two-dimensional measuring instrument, is suitable for all application fields for the purpose of two-dimensional dimension measurement. It is widely used in machinery, mobile phone, electronics, instruments, plastics and other industries; The main function is to measure point, line, circle, arc, angle, diameter, radius, point to line or line to line distance, eccentricity of two circles, distance between two points, etc. Today, let’s talk about the application of image measuring instrument in PCB industry.
In the PCB industry, the image measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the shape of high-density PCB. Today, based on the strict requirements of the original electrical performance, customers gradually move towards the requirements for the appearance of PCB. Its shape tolerance also tends to be harsh, so the image measuring instrument tool just makes up for this gap.
In addition, on the level of possible expansion, the image measuring instrument can also be used for the measurement of PCB film, which is suitable for a high-tech detection of production tools in the plate making process. Through the data provided by the project, the distance between any point of PCB film is automatically measured, and the data list is obtained for analysis, so that the expansion and contraction coefficient of PCB film can be obtained scientifically, so as to assist the production more scientifically.
For the so-called PCB detection, we mostly use the image instrument to detect the length, width and height of PCB, so generally we can use the automatic image measuring instrument to detect. Of course, for the PCB height detection, we can add a probe on the basis of the image instrument, so as to achieve the purpose of simple three-dimensional detection, which is more than enough for the PCB height detection.
In terms of PCB testing technology and testing instruments, we can clearly see from the above introduction that using automatic image measuring instrument to complete the testing of PCB related parameters is completely achievable by automatic image measuring instrument, and can complete PCB related testing tasks with high quality.