Looking at the current mobile phone brands, anyone who can develop their own chips can develop their own baseband. Only apple develops its own chips, but baseband needs to rely on a third party. Many people don’t understand that Apple has developed mobile phones for more than ten years, and even the most difficult CPU and GPU have realized their own research and development. Why has baseband been unwilling to invest in the research and development team? Here I have two views, or two reasons why Apple doesn’t develop baseband by itself.
The first reason is that jobs didn’t define the iPhone as a mobile phone but an intelligent terminal since he developed it. Therefore, apple doesn’t care about iPhone communication all the time. As long as it is related to communication, Apple will hand it over to a third party; The second reason is that Apple’s understanding of communication is still too shallow. They don’t realize that 5g is so important. At the moment when 5g is about to be commercial, they still fall out with Qualcomm. Obviously, apple still doesn’t develop iPhone as a mobile phone and still doesn’t pay attention to the communication ability of mobile phones.
Therefore, we can often see that the signal of Apple mobile phone is poor and the download speed is slow. Even the WiFi signal is not as strong as Android. The main reason is that Apple has not invested major energy and funds in this regard. Perhaps Apple suddenly realized that 5g is much more important than they thought. Although there will not be many countries and cities for 5g commercial use in 2019, don’t forget that as long as 5g commercial countries and cities are more developed countries and some first tier cities, which happen to be the main sales market of Apple Mobile Phones.


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