In our daily life, we can see a variety of different tapes. Different tapes are used in different industries and have their own characteristics and functions. The following editor introduces the tapes of thermal conductive graphite sheets and ferrite tapes:

Related applications of thermally conductive graphite film

Thermally conductive graphite film is also known as thermally conductive graphite sheet, heat dissipation graphite film, graphite heat dissipation film and so on. Thermally conductive graphite film is a new type of heat-conducting and heat-dissipating material, and its heat-conducting and heat-dissipating effect is very obvious. It has been widely used in various electronic products and is also one of the popular mobile phone heat dissipation films.

Thermally conductive graphite film is a brand-new thermal and heat dissipation material that can conduct uniform heat conduction in two directions, and can also shield heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronic products. Thermally conductive graphite film has ultra-high thermal conductivity, easy operation, low thermal resistance, and light weight.

Thermally conductive graphite film takes advantage of the plasticity of graphite. We can make graphite material into a sheet like a sticker and attach it to the circuit board inside the mobile phone. It can not only block the contact between the original parts, but also play a certain anti-seismic effect.

Applications of thermally conductive graphite film on mobile phones:

The first graphite heat sink between the CPU chip and the middle layer

One of the heat sources of the mobile phone is the CPU and Flash chips, so on the packaging layer of these chips, there is a “7”-shaped graphite heat sink. The other side of the heat sink is attached to the metal in the middle of the body. Above the board. Another large graphite heat sink is attached to the other side of the metal plate in the middle of the Xiaomi phone, and it is connected to the back of the screen.