Where is the core of quality improvement? Is it technology or equipment? No, the core of quality improvement is to change people. So, what are the basic actions and ways to solve quality problems? Today, let’s get to know about it with the circuit board editor of Shenzhen United circuit automobile~
First, the standardization and optimization of employees’ actions, which is the first idea to solve quality problems.
In the final analysis, many quality problems are caused by the non-standard operation of employees, which is easily ignored by many enterprises. Many cases we have done have not made any special technical equipment improvements, that is, standardized and optimized the actions of employees, and the effect is very obvious.
Therefore, when we encounter quality problems in the future, don’t take it very complicated, start with the operation of employees. For example, when solving quality problems, our ob project not only regulates the actions of employees in our factory, but also regulates the actions of employees in suppliers, which is unexpected to many people.
Second, carry out horizontal control, that is, mutual inspection.
Horizontal control is to check the problems layer by layer, isolate them, and check each other in place, which is a very effective method. We use the method of horizontal control. The action of the previous process is controlled by the next process. We check it layer by layer, and find and block problems in advance. The effect is obvious.
Third, check problems in a large area and solve problems at points.
The editor of automobile circuit board believes that we have achieved results by checking the quality problems and checking them every day. Note that no matter how many problems are found, they should be solved point by point. Don’t solve too many problems in the same time period. We can also check the historical problems of a product before producing it, and then assign the responsible person to solve them bit by bit. Such a screening method is also a very good method.
In addition to mastering the above three points, we should also pay attention to how to change people.
First, change people.
Don’t demonize the problems we encounter, and trust employees to solve these problems. Buddhism said, “how self nature can produce thousands of dharmas.” In fact, people’s self nature is great, so we should trust employees. We should believe that so many problems have not been solved just because we have not done or managed them. We should believe that problems are actually very simple.
Second, when we discipline our employees, we must persist in pain.
When we make a motion control card to restrain employees, employees are very painful, but we must adhere to it. As a director of OB project said, “we have made such and such improvements before, but it is useless.
Why is it useless? It’s because we didn’t strictly restrict the employees before. Once the employees are constrained, they will feel uncomfortable and won’t cooperate. Once they don’t cooperate, we can’t help it. So we have to get through this. ” When employees suffer from constraints, we should adhere to them.
Third, we should not doubt in the process of persistence.
This is the case for a certain project. At the beginning of horizontal control, everyone refused to issue tickets to each other. What should we do? We’ll send auditors to break the deadlock. If you don’t give someone else a ticket, I’ll give you a ticket. The result will come out immediately. Therefore, we must not doubt in the process of adhering to the plan. Once the plan is launched, we must do it one-sided.
In fact, there is no right or wrong in management. Why do many enterprises have little change to enterprises after ISO, ERP and KPI? Because it restricts things, the enterprise did not do it in place, but just tasted it. The habit of doing things in our enterprise is always to doubt and hesitate while doing things, and always watch while walking. At this time, determination is very important. We must control our thoughts and do it in place without delusion.
Fourth, the focus of quality improvement is not to change things, but to change people’s habits.
The final result of quality improvement is not reflected in the rise of qualification rate and the decline of defect rate, but in the change of employees. Because the ultimate goal of quality improvement is to enhance the quality awareness of employees and create a quality culture of the enterprise.
Don’t think that only after changing the quality awareness of employees can we change the quality actions of employees. Quality consciousness comes from quality actions. We should first change our actions to bring performance, and then change our consciousness. Therefore, the quality improvement should be carried out according to the changes of employees, and pay attention to various meetings, publicity and commendation, because these actions can form an atmosphere and culture, so as to change people.
Fifth, in the process of quality improvement, we must give up our inherent concepts.
We should not think that the past experience is right. First of all, we should let employees jump out of this misunderstanding. We should not think that what we have been doing is right. We should have the courage to examine ourselves and deny ourselves, so that we can improve and improve.
The editor of automobile circuit board believes that in the final analysis, all our actions are not difficult to do, but whether we can do the above five points. I believe we all know our every action, but when doing actions, many people will have many thoughts in their hearts. These thoughts are caused by human habits. As long as we can eliminate or control these habits, the effect of improvement will be good.