Flexible circuit board is a kind of pcb circuit board, also known as soft board and flexible printed circuit board. It is mainly made of flexible substrate and has high reliability and flexibility. It has the characteristics of thin thickness, flexible, high wiring density, light weight and high flexibility. It is mainly used in mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, household appliances, communications, new energy vehicles, aerospace and other products.
Advantages of flexible circuit boards:
1. It is flexible, can bend and fold freely, and will not be damaged after thousands of twists and turns. It can be arranged arbitrarily according to the spatial layout, and can expand and move freely in three-dimensional space, realizing the integration of component assembly and wiring, with high flexibility.
2. The flexible circuit board is thin and flat, which makes the equipment structure layout more compact and reasonable, reduces the product volume, reduces the weight, and is easy to carry, and promotes the development of electronic products with high density, high reliability and miniaturization.
3. Strong safety, because the wires of the flexible circuit board are connected as a whole, and all parameters are highly consistent, which can reduce the error problem during wire assembly and reduce the occurrence of faults.
4. High assembly reliability. The plane wiring of flexible circuit board can reduce switch interconnection, facilitate circuit design, reduce assembly work, improve the reliability of the whole system, and facilitate fault detection.
5. Design flexibility. Inductance, capacitance, characteristic impedance, etc. will affect the transmissibility of the product. The flexible circuit board design is controllable and has excellent electrical performance. It can be designed as controllable high-power parameters with transmission line characteristics.
6. It has good heat dissipation, weldability and easy-to-install connection. The base materials are various, and different base materials can be used according to different requirements.