PCB planning mainly includes the following parts: setting the shape and physical boundary of the circuit board, setting the electrical boundary of the PCB board, and setting the installation mode of the circuit board. They are described below.

1. Set PCB shape and physical boundary

In the Protel DXP PCB board file wizard, we have preliminarily determined the shape and physical boundary of the circuit board. But before we draw the PCB, we may also adjust the details of the boundary of the PCB. If we want to modify the boundary of the circuit Board, we can execute the commands in the menu command Design, the Board Shape submenu. The commands in this submenu are all about boundary Settings.

The commands in the Board Shape menu have the following meanings:

1 redefine Board Shape: redefining PCB Shape.

2Move Board Vertices: move the Vertices of the PCB profile.

Board Shape: move Board Shape.

Define from selected objects: define the shape of the PCB.

5 auto-position Sheet: automatically Position the drawing.