Frenchtown-aries Electronics, n.j., offers new adapter kits that allow users of outdated Aromat HB2E relays to replace pins without the need for circuit board design or rework. The new Aries correct-a-chip 08-305984-11 adapter features the adapter bottom of the old Aromat occupying area and top of the new tx2sa-1v solid state relay. The new relay has the same operational characteristics and specifications as Aromat components.

The main body of this new type of relay adapter consists of.062-in. Thick glass filled with FR4 material with an ounce of copper trace. The rated temperature of the main body is -40℃ to 130℃ and the rated value is UL 94v-0. The needle is made of copper alloy 360, and each QQ-N-290 has 200 microinches of tin and over 100 microinches of nickel. Relay adapters are available in custom materials, electroplating, sizes and configurations.