Photo taken on Dec. 2, 2018 shows the International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition 2020, with the theme of “5G Era and Smart Future”, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in southern China’s Guangdong Province. Joinly organised by the Hong Kong Circuit Board Association and the China Electronic Circuit Industry Association, the exhibition covers an area of 52,500 square meters. About 450 exhibitors showcased many innovative products and technologies in the circuit board and electronic assembly industry.
Printed circuit board (English abbreviation “PCB”) is an important electronic component, belongs to the support body of electronic components, is the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. With the rapid development of new infrastructure, the communication industry supported by 5G continues to explode, bringing new development opportunities for the circuit board and electronic assembly industry. To comply with this development trend, the International Electronic Circuit (Shenzhen) Exhibition 2020 has set up 7 areas, including PCB manufacturing, equipment supply, raw material supply, electronic assembly, intelligent automation, Japan and South Korea area, environmental protection and clean area, to fully display the cutting-edge products and solutions in the PCB industry driven by 5G.
While the outbreak has had some impact on PCB shipments for consumer electronics, the main growth in the industry is expected to be driven by the continued development of 5G technology, said Tang Hing-nian, honorary founder of the Hong Kong Circuit Board Association. The strong demand for PCBs for 5G products is key to the future development of the PCB industry, and the exhibition will help PCB manufacturers and other industry participants seize the opportunities presented by 5G development.
Currently, the development of 5G technology is changing the entire PCB industry, and the proliferation of connected devices will require newer and more complex circuit board technology, thus driving the technological level of circuit board manufacturers in all fields to continue to improve. The reporter saw at the scene, Shenzhen Eagle Eye Online Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on the scene of 5G back drilling depth measuring instrument, can be on the PCB drilling, notch, etching precision precision scanning. “We incorporate a lot of 3D alignment technology into our automated optical detection technology, which gives us higher accuracy and accuracy than 2D technology.” Eagle Eye online company customer manager Zhang Guangyan said.
At the same time, the automation and intelligence of PCB production process are further improved.
The high precision and high speed drilling machine demonstrated on site by CNC allows six drill bits to drill efficiently on the circuit board at the same time according to preset procedures.
Shenzhen MeiRui Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the application of AI technology in the PCB industry. Feng Ruochen, director of the Marketing Department of the company, said that the complexity of the manufacturing industry has greatly increased, including the organizational form of production, quality testing, warehousing logistics and other links. When faced with complex systems, the learning curve of human resources will slow down, resulting in higher decision-making costs for factories. Taking the quality inspection link in PCB industry as an example, the misjudgment rate of traditional optical inspection equipment is high, and the intensity of manual operation is high. The intervention of AI detection can greatly improve the consistency of detection for these pain points and provide quantifiable information and data basis for intelligent manufacturing.
The reporter saw in the booth of the company that the intelligent warehousing and logistics system with the application of AI technology could enable PCB products to be packed and packed under the operation of robots after coming down from the production line, and then move intelligently on the track for accurate warehousing.
It is worth noting that the full support of Shenzhen Customs to the international exhibition is also one of the important factors to ensure the smooth holding of this exhibition. According to the organizer, the value of the imported goods was as high as 4.9 million US dollars. During the preparation of the exhibition, Huanggang Customs actively coordinated and followed up the customs clearance matters, provided perfect customs clearance convenience services, and ensured that all the goods could enter the exhibition hall smoothly and timely.
It is understood that the exhibition will continue until December 4, during which the 15th World Conference on Electronic Circuits (ECWC15) and the International Technical Conference will be held to discuss the latest market development and technology trends of PCB industry. The organizer organizes the exhibition in the way of “offline + online”. The online exhibition is combined with offline physical exhibition to facilitate the “cloud viewing” of professional visitors who cannot get to the site.