According to China’s central radio and television voice “News Night” report, the three major operators will announce how much their 5G packages will be released on October 31st in November 1 5G commercial packaging officially opened 5G next week! Are you ready to change your phone and 5G 5G package?

I have seen that the world’s smart phones are mostly assembled from China.

Manufacturing telephone processing 70% comes from laser technology processing software, advanced laser processing technology and processing precision characteristics production efficiency, determining the importance of mobile phone manufacturers in their state, laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, Laser punching, laser etching, laser direct structuring of LDS, etc. are widely used in the manufacture of mobile phones. Large-scale software for laser processing technology will bring huge economic benefits to laser equipment suppliers.

2019 is the first year of pre-commercial five G, and five G has become an obvious hot industry.

Today, the world’s entry into the five G, materials and mobile phone manufacturing process to adapt to new technologies and changes in five G, a new round of business opportunities, will bring huge economic benefits to laser equipment suppliers. The new market demand will be released in favor of the industrial chain. Looking at the five-g commercial equipment and products from the development trend, the flexible circuit board industry will become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

In the electronics industry, the flexible circuit board can say that the infusion tube electronic goods.

The flexible wiring version with the highest density, thickness book, flexible, 3-dimensional components, and the most moderately demanding market prospects. With the rapid development of the industry, the flexible circuit board processing technology has also been continuously innovated.

As a non-contact laser processing tool, it can apply the highest heat intensity (between 6 and 50 mW/mm2). This highest heat material can be used for laser cutting with a small focus drill (10 0 to 500 μm). ), marking, welding, scribing, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser segmentation of flexible circuit boards

As FPC’s commercial line density and spacing continue to increase, coupled with the increasingly complex pattern profile FPC, this makes production difficult FPC mold development, laser split flexible circuit version has cnc processing, mold processing form, without saving mold costs;

Due to its lack of machine processing accuracy, the laser split flexible circuit board has the highest performance UV laser source, beam quality, and better segmentation effect;

Since the conventional processing is a contact technique, the stress with the FPC may cause physical damage. The laser segmentation of the flexible circuit board is a non-contact processing, and the processed material effectively prevents damage and deformation.