As the basic material of electronic products, PCB is the mother of electronic products. It has a broad demand market, and its application fields cover communication, computer, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, etc. Among them, communication and computer are the largest application sectors of PCB at present, accounting for over 25%.

The current 5G era is gradually approaching, and it will enter initial commercial use in 2019 and be officially commercial in 2020. With the advent of the era of 5G full commercial use, mass construction and upgrading of communication base stations will create massive demand for high frequency and high-speed boards like PCB, and PCB will meet the demand of a new round of upgrading and replacement.

According to the data, thanks to the substantial increase in demand, the global printed circuit board industry is accelerating growth, and the domestic industry is growing faster. According to prison mark, the output value of worldwide PCB in 2017 was $58.843 billion, up 8.6%. Of that, China’s PCB output value was $29.732 billion, up 9.9 percent year-on-year.

Prismark prediction, benefit from the communications, computer, consumer electronics and automobile electronics field structural upgrade and the outbreak of the incremental demand, 2016-2021 global smartphone PCB and PCB output growth is 5% – 8%, far higher than other areas of PCB production growth, PCB, the date will last seven years, until 2021, China’s PCB industry output value will exceed $50 billion.

With the migration of global electronic manufacturing center to mainland China, domestic PCB enterprises are facing a rapid development period, and the leading domestic enterprises are expected to continue to move towards the ten-billion level.

As demand for 5G and automotive electronics surges in the future, high-end PCB leaders can share the dividends of growth in emerging areas downstream. In the 5G era, domestic companies with the production capacity of high-end products are expected to gradually break the foreign monopoly, dilute the original cycle attributes and usher in the double improvement of performance and valuation.