The 300W 28KHZ/40KHZ ultrasonic circuit board includes multiple functional unit circuits that perform their respective functions, making the ultrasonic circuit have the advantages of strong energy, no electric shock during use, protection of the circuit, and frequency tracking.
The control circuit outputs a small signal required for ultrasound, which is amplified by an amplification circuit to a high voltage signal that can directly drive the drive circuit. The drive circuit is amplified again to output a high-power waveform, and the digital adjustable power circuit is controlled to transmit energy to four ultrasonic oscillators, which are transmitted using ultrasonic energy. At the same time, there are current detection and voltage detection, which are fed back to the CPU through a frequency discrimination circuit, The CPU adjusts the frequency of the ultrasonic oscillator in real time. When the ultrasonic energy transmission is small or large, the CPU automatically adjusts the power supply size.
300W 28KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Circuit Board This generator is easy to operate, can work when turned on, and can adjust frequency and current. The frequency can be adjusted from 17 khz to 40 khz, and the power can be 200W-600W.