2023 China (Qingdao) International Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition
2023China (Qingdao) International Solar Photovoltaic and Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition
—–&Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Promotion Conference
September 14-16, 2023 Qingdao International Expo Center
Industry event to create an innovative highland in the photovoltaic field
At the beginning of the “14th Five Year Plan”, under the national macro strategic goal of “reaching the peak of carbon and being carbon neutral”, it was pointed out that efforts should be intensified to plan and build large-scale wind and electricity bases, put the promotion of new and clean energy development in a more prominent position, and actively and orderly develop light energy, silicon energy, hydrogen energy, and renewable energy.
In 2022, the development goal of the energy industry in Shandong Province is to achieve a total installed capacity of about 180 million kilowatts of electric power, and the installed proportion of new and renewable energy power generation will reach about 38%; The investment in energy infrastructure is more than 140 billion yuan. There has been continuous good news about distributed solar photovoltaic, and supporting policies have been introduced. The National Energy Administration has initiated the submission of a county-wide (city, district) rooftop distributed photovoltaic development pilot plan. This county-wide distributed photovoltaic development pilot notice directly addresses the key and core issues and proposes the principle of “building as much as possible as possible”. According to the notice, a total of 676 counties (cities, districts) nationwide have been listed as rooftop distributed photovoltaic development pilots, accounting for about 24% of the country, greatly exceeding expectations. According to industry forecasts, if calculated based on 250 MW per region, the overall scale is expected to reach around 170 GW. It is foreseeable that, driven by policies, distributed photovoltaic is becoming a “new favorite” in the new energy industry.
From September 14th to 16th, 2023, China (Qingdao) International Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition and Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Promotion Conference will be held at Shandong Qingdao International Expo Center. The conference is poised to launch with the theme of “advocating green new energy and working together towards the future”, providing enterprises with a high-quality exhibition and exchange event. With an estimated total exhibition area of 25000 square meters, 400 enterprises from all regions of the country will appear at the exhibition site, attracting 30000 professional visitors from home and abroad.
Concurrent forum to promote in-depth exchange of cutting-edge technologies
At the same time of the exhibition, the “Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Promotion Conference and Award Ceremony for Outstanding Enterprises, the 2023 Shandong Solar Photovoltaic Market Summit and the 2023 Double Carbon Target Innovation Drive Summit Forum” will be held to create a high-quality summit for the solar photovoltaic industry. Industry associations, solar photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, industry research institutes, industry authoritative media, and other industry leaders will be invited to gather together to discuss industry hotspots and pain points, and track industry development trends, Achieve effective docking of resources, technology, information, and scientific and technological achievements.
Procurement activities, building an efficient supply and demand trading platform
“Sdsolar Qingdao Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition Buyer Procurement Matchmaking Meeting” is a brand event focused on creating an efficient, accurate, and reliable supply and demand communication platform for both supply and demand. The organizing committee has invested heavily in deeply exploring potential procurement customers, and provided full range VIP services such as transportation, accommodation, personalized reception, etc. for potential buyers. The organizing committee accurately matches high-quality exhibitors according to the purchasing needs of buyers, promotes in-depth communication between supply and demand, and achieves a perfect integration of online and offline.
Linkage of exhibitions to fully protect professional visitors in the industry
The organizers accurately grasp the needs of exhibitors, lock in key industries, and organize core buyer groups. Throughout the year, through multiple channels such as telephone, email, SMS, online promotion, big data marketing, media release, and industry association cooperation, we have targeted key regions and industries, conducted comprehensive exhibition audience invitations, and effectively ensured the effectiveness of enterprise participation.
Brand communication, high-quality media to assist in the whole process of reporting
The exhibition will invite People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China News Agency, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, People’s Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Securities Daily, Workers’ Daily, China Reform Daily, China Environment News, China Electric Power News, China Industry News, China Nuclear Industry News, Daily Economic News, Pengpai News, Sina. com, Sohu. com, Dazhong Daily, Shandong Satellite TV, American News Agency, Dagong Net, Bloomberg News, Arctic Star Photovoltaic Network, energy industry Sobi Photovoltaic Network, International Energy Network, China Energy Storage Network, ofweek Solar Photovoltaic Network, pv001 Photovoltaic Network, PVP365, Solarbe Photovoltaic Network, Ailai Photovoltaic Network, Solar Energy Magazine, Huaxia Energy Network, Nandu, Century New Energy Network, Oule Photovoltaic Network, Solar Photovoltaic Support Network, Energy Economy Network, China New Energy Network, Global Photovoltaic Network, National Photovoltaic Network, Taoyuan Photovoltaic Network, Power Portal, Power Grid, Electronic Industry Network Chinese battery network, tower network, lithium power grid, photovoltaic Baba, photovoltaic testing network, photovoltaic power grid, photovoltaic trading network, photovoltaic trading network, photovoltaic system network, photovoltaic talent network, silicon industry online win silicon network, Oriental Lighting, China Street Lamp, Power Industry magazine, and other media reports from thousands of domestic and foreign media.
Exhibition Scope:
1. Photovoltaic exhibition area
◆ Photovoltaic supporting products and equipment such as photovoltaic modules, battery cells, inverters, combiner boxes, controllers, junction boxes, crystalline silicon/thin film materials, photovoltaic brackets, tracking systems, photovoltaic cables, packaging glass, photovoltaic production equipment, photovoltaic operation, maintenance, and testing systems, photovoltaic street lamps, photovoltaic water heaters, and other photovoltaic application electronic products.
2. Energy storage exhibition area
◆ High temperature applications in energy storage materials, technologies, products, equipment, and heat storage; Off grid inverter; Various types of batteries (nickel hydrogen batteries, vanadium flow batteries, lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, lead acid batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, liquid flow batteries, etc.); capacitor; Energy storage application solutions; Charging and exchange power station products; New energy vehicles; Charging pile; Energy storage technologies and products such as home energy storage systems.
Smart energy, smart lighting, electric equipment, and other comprehensive energy exhibition areas
◆ Energy metering and IoT, smart transmission and distribution grid construction, energy management and control platform, smart micro grid, smart energy park construction scheme, power sales models and cases, energy internet and other smart energy new products and technologies.
4. Photovoltaic engineering and systems
◆ Photovoltaic system integration, solar air conditioning system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar detection and control system, solar heating system engineering, solar photovoltaic engineering program control and engineering management and software development system
5. Solar energy and green buildings
◆ Solar thermal utilization, solar photovoltaic, photothermal power generation, solar refrigeration systems and equipment, solar lamps and building materials, LED technology and products, solar accessories, green building energy-saving products, and green new building materials.
Booth fee standard
○ International standard booth 3m × 3m domestic enterprises: RMB 7800 per unit; Foreign enterprises: $1800 per unit;
Booth configuration: lintel production, one table and two chairs, one 5A/220V power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, cleaning; The height of the booth is 2.5 meters
○ Luxury standard booth 3m × 3m domestic enterprises: RMB 9800 per unit; Foreign enterprises: $2800 yuan/person;
Note: Double opening booths are subject to an additional 10% opening fee
○ Indoor bare land (starting from 36 ㎡) for domestic enterprises: RMB 800/㎡;
Note: No exhibition equipment and facilities are provided in the special decoration space. The special decoration management fees, water and electricity fees charged by the exhibition hall are borne by the exhibitors and their special decoration contractors.
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