According to ZTE mobile marketing strategy director Lu Qian Hao (luqianhao) said that with the deepening of the company’s deployment of high-end smart phone market, ZTE will further strengthen cooperation with Taiwan PCB suppliers and seek joint Taiwanese manufacturers to design pcb high-end printed circuit boards, and oempcb production.

Lv said ZTE had purchased from Taiwan supplier of printed circuit boards, directly or indirectly, approximately 30-40% of mobile phone printed circuit board, the company will focus on producing $ 200 smartphone.

Look from the purchase quantity, ZTE from Taiwanese manufacturers to buy more boards. Since the resurgence in 2014 put more energy to focus on the $ 200-400 smartphone market, which will require more high-end printed circuit boards, such as hdi board and flexible circuit boards.

2014 ZTE has shipped 42 million smart phones, and plans to ship 60 million, Lu Qian Hao revealed that in the next 3-5 years, the goal shipments will be approximately 100 million.