Integral’s Zeta Certification Awarded to Eagle Circuits
Thursday, December 12, 2013 | Integral Technology

Integral Technology, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of HDI electronic materials for the PCB industry, has announced that Eagle Circuits of Dallas, Texas, has received the prestigious Zeta® Certification allowing them to produce circuit boards using Integral’s revolutionary dielectric films.

“We are so thrilled to award our Zeta® Certification to Eagle Circuits,” stated Integral President Ken Parent. “Eagle is one of the premiere interconnect manufacturers in the world. They have an incredible reputation for multilayer interconnect solutions with incredibly fast turns so they are a natural fit for our Zeta® ultra-thin dielectric films.

“We don’t just follow the industry, we lead it. Our customers look to us to bring high quality, dependable material to them. Zeta® films fit that bill,” an Eagle Circuits spokesperson said. “Zeta laminates hold great promise for the future. We are only just imagining where this groundbreaking material might take us.”

Zeta films are a family of several proprietary materials designed to help OEMs and printed circuit shops stay ahead of the new demands in electronics manufacturing brought on by miniaturization and demanding thermal and electrical requirements.

Zeta® Cap is a copper-clad, high Tg C-stage glass-free laminate designed to eliminate pad cratering in circuit board assembly. Zeta® Lam, a related dielectric film, allows ultra-thin HDI buildup layers (down to 12 microns) with improved thickness uniformity and transmission line performance. Zeta® Bond is a proprietary glass-free, high-flow B-stage bonding film capable of filling circuits and vias.

To ensure rigorous standards of performance are met, Integral Technology requires PCB shops to commit to a certification program where the process and equipment are optimized to process the sophisticated glass-free dielectrics. This quality recognition provides assurance to end-users and OEMs that they will receive consistent products that meet high standards of workmanship.

“We are proud to be a Zeta® certified fabricator,” the Eagle Circuits spokesperson continued. “Zeta fits in nicely for the needs of our demanding customers.”

“Eagle Circuits is a welcome addition to our family of fabricators who have recognized the benefits of our Zeta® line,” Parent commented, “As the industry heats up in its quest for ‘thin’ and for ‘speed,’ we expect Zeta® films to set the pace.”

Eagle Circuits is an ISO9001-2000 registered company specializing in quick-turn, low-volume, high-technology PCB fabrication. Their customers typically work at the leading edge of technology and develop products where time-to-market is critical.