According to technology blog AppleInsider reports that Apple on Tuesday received a “flexible electronic devices” patent. Portable device patent involved almost entirely composed of flexible parts, which means that users can exert its force, so that the display can be folded like a wallet.

US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple this invention patent No. No. 8,929,085. This patent describes a portable device, such as iPhone, can be bent, folded, or other forms of distortion, but does not adversely affect the sensitive internal fittings.

And other flexible electronics patent is different is that Apple patent also malleable exterior accessories, such as the casing or screen glass, and batteries, circuit boards, flexible displays and other internal parts together.

While Apple is not possible in the near future to develop a flexible iPhone, but on Tuesday Apple patent highlights the innovation in the mobile space ambitions. Apple filed the patent application for the first time in 2011.