The next has a comparative advantage, technological breakthrough, the government strongly support industry: IC   Global integrated circuit industry, the scale of $ 200 billion is a huge industry. In this area, the development of the continent’s great lag, in 2012, the mainland IC imports equivalent to 87% of crude oil imports that year, net overseas commission processing product, the actual self-sufficiency rate is only about 10%.

IC industry in the design, wafer fabrication, assembly and test three aspects which need a lot of technical and management personnel, and its cost structure, labor costs are an important impact on its profitability. Continental engineers bonus enormous cost advantages, the development of the industry is the continent’s comparative advantage; mobile terminal technology revolution has greatly narrowed the gap between China and the world’s advanced level, some domestic enterprises have completed the initial accumulation of scale and technological breakthroughs; new term Government strongly supported the development of the integrated circuit industry, the market is expected to support the policies of the forthcoming billion annually. This makes us believe that the integrated circuit industry is likely to be the next continent a rise in the global industry.