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Manufacturing Processes

The engineering process in manufacturing and treating material for PCBs is the primary factor determining the quality of final printed circuit boards. XJYPCB provides the best available engineering processes in each of our production plants. Each engineer we employ is an expert and an innovator in the field of printed circuit board production. Each worker [...]

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Quality Control System

Incoming Quality Control Without the best materials, any engineering will fail. That is why XJYPCB ensures that our materials quality is always top-notch. Our printed circuit boards never compromise with substandard quality materials. Before purchasing materials for our boards, our quality testing team carefully checks everything being sent to us. Similarly, we are careful to [...]

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Factory Locations

SHENZHEN XINJIAYE ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD Shenzhen factory's office SHENZHEN XINJIAYE ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD Shenzhen factory address: Wanxia industrial park,shajing,BaoAn district,Shenzhen XIN FENG STAR ELECTRONICS AND TECHNOLOGY CO LTD Jiangxi Factory Address: xinfeng industrial park, ganzhou city, jiangxi province

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Equipment List

Solder mask Machines Drilling Machines Exposure Machines FQC Vacuum Packaging Machine Fly Probe Test Machines V-cut Machines Immersion Gold Line Etching Machines Silkscreen Machines AOI Machines Electrical Testing Machines CNC [...]

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