1 , the rapid growth of production capacity in Asia , industry development trend of high-quality manufacturers

Before 2000, the output value of the global PCB 70% mainly in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries. Over the past decade , the rapid shift to Asia , making PCB production capacity in Asia to grow rapidly. Asia , especially China has become the world ‘s largest producer of electronic products , the downstream demand for machine manufacturers to make China the world’s largest PCB production areas.2008-2009 affected by the global economic crisis, there are many companies or because of small production scale, low technology content , or lack of market forecasts , but was forced to shut down . Since 2010 , with the full recovery of the global electronic information industry , PCB overall demand growth, especially in the high-end product demand increased significantly, which is the domestic PCB manufacturers, especially the financial crisis experienced manufacturer of high quality test provides a broad space for development.

2 , the downstream market demand for multi- broad , accelerate the pace of industry transformation and upgrading

With the increasingly diverse needs of the downstream market , PCB products even broader range of applications , including aerospace , military, automotive, home appliances, computers and mobile phones , and other fields , covering more and more areas , the technical requirements are high, especially consumer electronic entertainment equipment and systems applications development to flourish, and showed a shorter life cycle characteristics , PCB is expected to pull in the prelude to a new round of growth in favorable conditions, only to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading in order to meet the growing needs of the market changes .